We manufacture a wide range of recycled high density polyethylene pellets and medium molecular weight. In addition to the colors most used by the industry as grey and black, we manufacture other colors such as yellow, white or natural.

Vielpa’s recycled pellet is suitable for extrusion-blowing processes of containers, pipes, sheets, etc. We facilitate the obtaining of different shades with the addition of the appropriate dye.

Color range:

Vielpa's Yellow Recycled HDPE Pellets
Vielpa's Grey Recycled HDPE Pellets
Vielpa's White Recycled HDPE Pellets
Vielpa's Natural Recycled HDPE Pellets
Vielpa's Black Recycled HDPE Pellets

We have our own laboratory and therefore know the quality of the product at all times.

On the other hand, Vielpa is a recycler approved by Ecoembes and certified by EucertPlast.