Vielpa, S.A., is a company specialized exclusively in the manufacture of high density polyethylene (HDPE), with more than 25 years of experience in the plastic recycling sector.

Thanks to our desire to treat a single plastic product, we can guarantee an optimum result in quality (fundamental basis of our work).

It was founded in 1985. In its beginnings, located in Sabadell (Barcelona), the company selected the plastic that it bought and crushed it to complete its business activity. After 3 years, and thanks to the effort of the founders, extrusion machinery was acquired, in order to complete the cycle, of recycling plastic treatment. For this expansion, it was moved to its current facilities in Canovelles (Barcelona) where, backed by the Applus Norcontrol certification, it has the capacity to manage 10,000 tons of HDPE per year.

Granza PEAD reciclado Vielpa

Recycled Process


Our process begins with the reception of bottle’s bales from a selective collection .

During the process, we made a careful manual selection of polyethylene materials that allows us to have the best products and classified by colors (yellow, grey, natural, black, white, others).


r-HDPE Bales Vielpa

Crushing process

Classified product goes to the next phase of the process, the crushing.

At this stage of the process, the product once it has been crushed is in the form of scales and it is perfectly classified by colors and correctly identified to maintain its traceability.

The product is now ready to move on to the next phase of washing and removing impurities.

Cleaning process recycled HDPE produced by Vielpa


At this stage of the process, the crushed product enters to the washing machine, which allows in addition to its cleaning, the removal of impurities from labels and other plastics.

The washed product is dried in the same phase and classified by colors and traceability of the products used is maintained.

The next phase of the product will be manufacturing of pellets.

Recycled HDPE

HDPE pellets manufacturing

During the last stage of the process, washed product is extruded in order to obtain recycled HDPE in form of pellets.

Manufactured product is analyzed by our quality department to fullfil costumer specification (we have our own laboratory to measure the index flow rate and density) and finally is at disposal of our customers in the form of 25 kilogram bags or ” big bags “of 1.250 Kg.

Recycled HDPE produced by Vielpa

Circular Economy

Then the cycle of the circular economy is completed and the recycled product returns to the production chain and our philosophy that Residue = Resource is fulfilled.

Camión de Vielpa, fabricante de PEAD reciclado